As one chapter finishes..

So as another long & rather painful chapter of my life closes, another one opens.

The last 12 months in particular have not been easy at work. The constant chip, chip, like a mason at work, on my confidence & abilities has taken its toll & I know will take some time to recover. I am resilient but it has even stretched me.

But tomorrow after my last day, a new door opens, no idea where it will take me, but I am holding on & going for the ride!!

What has got me through….well certainly Louise…

She has certainly helped in me escaping most weekends & grabbing the freedom she has given me despite the weather.

But family, friends & my lovely Twitter community, some of whom I have been lucky to meet…have supported me & got me through these particular dark & difficult last few weeks.

My countdown days have sparked fun & banter & I thank them all for that.

So with best foot forward, it is time to brush myself down, sleep a little, love myself a little, find my true smile & inner self & start again.

Jenny will be back…god help us all!!

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