Louise is my campervan.

Nothing strange about that, but I have wanted a campervan for years. Just the thought it would bring freedom, the open road, you can park up wherever you wish. Boundaries are suddenly gone.

I had another ‘lightbulb’ moment in Skye, whilst spreading some of my Mum’s ashes in the Fairy Pools at Glen Brittle.

It was a particular bad spell in weather & I was sitting it out, a string of events then made me think that a campervan was possible.

I came home & started my research. Within a week I had sorted funds & disposed of my nearly new car for a run around!

I gained advice from people who had one. My Twitter friend Gary was a great source after he had bought & converted his own van.

So with encouragement from a very good friend, I went a hunting. After a few dead ends & some dubious offerings(!), we went to Newcastle & I met Louise & knew she had to be mine. It took some negotiations, but I got her.

Why the name Louise. It is very simple, my birth Mum sadly passed away this year, it was the name she gave me when I was born. My sister Denine in her commeration, called her an adventurer & I knew she would be really happy the opportunities Louise would give me.

So 3 weeks later I picked her up.

The following day I took Louise to Eskdale in the Lakes.

We had a lovely weekend. I was wondering how driving a van would feel. But driving on the country roads behind the wheel, I felt so good & knew it would not be a problem.

I went for a walk, followed by a celebratory prosecco & a celebration meal of steak, onions & potatoes.

What I have loved is my friends response to Louise. I am a big Twitter fan, I have met so many people from Twitter. Their response to Louise is amazing & my friends encourage & embrace Louise & our adventures!

Someone recently suggested Louise should have her own Twitter account…maybe…let us see!!


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